Public energy role models reach energy efficiency targets and reinforce climate protection measures until 2030

Bern, 23.06.2020 - The federal administration and public companies have continually improved energy efficiency in recent years within the Exemplary in Energy initiative. Between 2006 (base year) and 2019 the average improvement seen was in the region of 32.3%, which is significantly higher than the target originally set for 2020 of 25%. So now the initiative is moving into the next phase: under the new name, “Exemplary Energy and Climate” initiative, all actors who are participating in the initiative will reinforce the measures they have established until 2030.

A year earlier than anticipated, that is at the end of 2019, the actors had improved energy efficiency by 32.3% on average (target at end-2020: 25%) and had implemented 84% of the measures planned (target at end-2020: 80%). These measures include abstaining from using fossil-fuelled heating plant, application of recognised construction standards for new buildings, use of waste heat, and investments in photovoltaic arrays, in e-mobility and in energy efficient data centres.

New name "Exemplary Energy and Climate" and even more measures to protect the climate

On the basis of the high efficacy of the initiative, in 2018 the Federal Council decided to continue the initiative until 2030. In the new decade from 2020 to 2030, in addition to focussing on energy efficiency, priority will increasingly be given to renewable energies. Members of the initiative have agreed to implement 15 effective measures. For example, ambitious target rates for refurbishment of buildings will be striven for, and high standards have been set for the acquisition of energy efficient vehicles. Based on the preceding initiative, there are targets for energy efficiency, use of renewable energies and ecological in-house electricity production. The new system of targets encompasses spheres of activity which are hugely relevant to climate policy. For this reason it was decided to change the name of the initiative from "Exemplary in Energy" to "Exemplary Energy and Climate" and in future to report the results on the basis of science based targets (SBT). This will serve to highlight the contribution made by the initiative to restricting global warming to less than 1.5 °C. And the actors will receive information about where they stand on the path toward attaining the Swiss climate target of net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

Actors in "Exemplary Energy and Climate"

The initiative incorporates the civil federal administration, the DDPS, the ETH Domain, and the state-owned entities Swiss Post, SBB, Skyguide, Suva, and Swisscom; as well as the cantonal companies Genève Aéroport and Services Industriels de Genève. Additional actors, such as RUAG and others, will join in the new phase of the initiative.

References for representatives of the media

Concrete examples of successful measures implemented by the ten actors can be found in the 2019 annual report at

More information on the latest phase of the Exemplary Energy and Climate initiative can be found in the attached fact sheet.

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