Swiss expert appointed as member of UN Peacebuilding Fund Advisory Group

Bern, 28.05.2020 - UN Secretary-General António Guterres has appointed Swiss diplomat Stéphane Rey, head of Peace Policy and deputy head of the Human Security Division at the FDFA, to the Advisory Group of the Peacebuilding Fund. The FDFA welcomes Mr Rey's appointment, which acknowledges Switzerland's record as a bridge builder and its expertise in peace and security.

The Peacebuilding Fund is the UN's financial instrument of first resort, delivering rapid and effective support for interventions to sustain peace in areas at risk and prevent new outbreaks of conflict. This prepares the ground for a longer-term engagement by the international community. For example, the fund finances and supports peace negotiations and the implementation of peace agreements, national institutions for the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the reform of state institutions. The Advisory Group consists of ten members appointed by the UN secretary-general for a two-year term of office. Its mandate is to advise and oversee the use of the fund's allocations and to examine the implementation of the fund's new strategy for the 2020–24 period.

Stéphane Rey's appointment to the Advisory Group represents the recognition of Switzerland's good offices and its contribution to the peaceful coexistence of peoples. Switzerland also supports the UN secretary-general's reform efforts to create a more robust organisation, in which the Peacebuilding Fund will play a key role. In his statement, the UN secretary-general stressed the importance of these reforms and the UN's effectiveness, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Switzerland will continue to support the reforms, and the UN's peace and security agenda.

As a member of the fund's independent Advisory Group, Stéphane Rey will draw on his many years of experience in peacebuilding. This includes in particular his current activities as head of Peace Policy and deputy head of the Human Security Division, which has over 20 peacebuilding programmes. Mr Rey will continue to fulfil his current position at the FDFA.

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