Coronavirus: federal government to set up liaison office for civil society

Bern, 09.04.2020 - In order to better harness the efforts being made in civil society to combat the corona crisis, the federal government is working with an organisation called staatslabor to set up a ‘COVID-19 Civil Society Point of Contact’.

In addition to the efforts already being made to work more closely with the scientific community, the Federal Council Coronavirus Crisis Unit (KSBC) is now also setting up a liaison unit to better tap the potential of civil society initiatives. The liaison unit will field enquiries and concerns addressed to the KSBC and offer a platform for exchanges between the KSBC and civil society initiatives. This will make it possible to evaluate potential opportunities for cooperation between individual initiatives and the relevant federal offices.

Improving the exchange of information and coordination between civil society and the Federal Administration will help to overcome the corona crisis by optimising the use of resources. The federal government appreciates the large number of civil society initiatives emerging in response to the corona crisis. staatslabor - a private organisation that works closely with the Federal Administration - will be setting up and operating the ‘COVID-19 Civil Society Point of Contact' in close cooperation with the KSBC.

Address for enquiries

FDHA Information Service, +41 58 462 85 79


General Secretariat FDHA