Three new commemorative coins issued: “Roger Federer”, “Smallest gold coin in the world” and “Hare”

Bern, 23 January 2020, 23.01.2020 - Following the huge success of the pre-sale at the beginning of December 2019, a further 37,000 Roger Federer coins will be issued in various minting qualities on 23 January 2020. Swissmint has broken new technological ground with the production of the smallest gold coin in the world. The machine-minted gold coin with different reverse and obverse sides weighs only 0.063g and has a diameter of 2.96mm. In addition, Swissmint is issuing the bimetallic Hare coin as the second motif in the Swiss forest animals series.

This whole press release is available as a document in pdf format.     

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Marius Haldimann
General Manager Swissmint
Bernastrasse 28, 3003 Bern


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