FDFA calls for end to violence and new elections in Bolivia

Bern, 11.11.2019 - The FDFA is closely following recent political developments in Bolivia with concern and calls for new elections to reflect the political will of the people. The FDFA stands ready to support Bolivia in preparing for such elections.

Following the resignation of President Morales and other political figures, and in view of the current insecurity including looting and destruction, the FDFA calls on all parties to renounce violence and urges the police to ensure that human rights are respected.

The FDFA commends the efforts of the Organization of American States (OAS) to shed light on the presidential elections of 20 October. According to a preliminary report on 10 November, OAS observers found serious irregularities that undermined confidence in the electoral process.

The Bolivian authorities are urged to hold new elections as soon as possible, the results of which must reflect the political will of the Bolivian people. The setting up of a new electoral commission is a prerequisite for free, fair and transparent elections, as the current commission played a significant role in the irregularities noted by the OAS. The FDFA stands ready to support Bolivia in preparing for new elections.

Switzerland has been actively engaged in Bolivia for many years, operating a diverse cooperation programme and providing institutional support, in particular for the judiciary. It intends to pursue this cooperation in the interests of the poorest in Bolivia and hopes to do so in a peaceful and stable environment.

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