Syrian-Turkish border – Switzerland calls on all parties to refrain from hostilities

Bern, 09.10.2019 - Switzerland is following recent developments on the Syrian-Turkish border in north-eastern Syria with concern. It calls on all parties to refrain from hostilities and to respect international law, in particular international humanitarian law.

Switzerland is greatly concerned about military operations in north-eastern Syria. A further escalation in that part of the country would have grave consequences for the already suffering civilian population and could further destabilise the situation in Syria and the surrounding region. Switzerland calls on all parties to comply with international law, in particular the Charter of the United Nations, international humanitarian law and human rights. The FDFA has communicated this position to the parties involved.

Protection of the civilian population and civilian infrastructure and immediate, unhindered, long-term access to humanitarian aid for those in need must be guaranteed at all times.

Switzerland appeals to the parties involved to negotiate an immediate de-escalation and work towards finding a political solution to the conflict. A sustainable resolution of the causes of conflict in Syria is only ever likely to be found through a UN-sponsored peace process. The UN Secretary-General's announcement regarding the convening of a Syrian constitutional committee in Geneva would be a first step towards such a political solution. Switzerland actively supports this process.

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