Yoalin – sustainable travel for young people

Bern, 28.09.2019 - With the Youth Alpine Interrail (Yoalin) project, the Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE helps young people to travel through the Alps in an environmentally-friendly way. The successful completion of the second phase of the project was celebrated in Bern on 27 September 2019. The aim of Yoalin is to fire young people's enthusiasm for sustainable travel, and for experimenting with low-cost, climate-friendly mobility solutions.

The number of people flying, and the distances they fly, are increasing year by year. Young people have a key role to play if this trend is to be reversed. The Yoalin project is intended to enable young people to try out climate-friendly travel. It awarded 100 young travellers great discounts on public transport tickets.

In addition to trying out environmentally friendly mobility, such as trains, buses and bicycles, the young travellers participating in this year's phase of the project were asked to foster an environmentally aware lifestyle, for example by choosing local foods, avoiding plastic while travelling, and collecting litter while hiking.

Just under half of the participants joined together at the concluding event in Bern. They presented the attending political, governmental and NGO representatives with a catalogue of ideas for sustainable mobility and climate conservation. This year as before, the international climate conservation commission CIPRA, and the CIPRA Youth Council, awarded prizes for the best photos and stories submitted by the travellers.

CIPRA conducted this year's phase of the Yoalin project in collaboration with the ARE, with the valuable support of neighbouring countries Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein, and the RHW foundation.

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