Labour force potential: 830 000 persons were available for (more) work

Neuchâtel, 23.07.2019 - In 2018, the untapped labour force potential in Switzerland comprised 830 000 persons, made up of 356 000 who were underemployed, 231 000 who were ILO unemployed and 243 000 persons who were part of the potential additional labour force (i.e. actively looking for work, but not immediately available, or vice-versa). The additional volume of work that underemployed and unemployed persons wished to work corresponded to labour underutilisation of 299 000 full-time equivalents. These are some of the findings from the publication “Supplementary indicators for unemployment: Underemployment and potential additional labour force 2018” (only available in French and German) from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

This press release and further information on this topic can be found on the FSO website (see link below).

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