FDFA regrets the suspension of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

Bern, 01.02.2019 - The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty is an important international arms control instrument and has contributed significantly to European security since its adoption in 1987. The FDFA regrets that the parties to the treaty did not manage to agree on a solution which would have prevented the suspension of the treaty.

The FDFA has in the past called upon the United States and Russia to immediately clarify existing differences regarding a potential non-compliance with the treaty and to refrain from withdrawing. It hopes that the parties will use the 6-month transition period that started on 02.02.2019 to retain the INF Treaty as a central element of European security.

A new arms race is in nobody’s interest. The FDFA calls on all states to preserve the established arms control treaties and to work towards preventing further armament and proliferation.

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