Lifting of sanctions against Eritrea

Bern, 07.12.2018 - The Federal Council has decided to repeal the Ordinance on measures against Eritrea in compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2444 (2018). The Ordinance will be repealed with effect from 6pm on 7 December 2018.

The United Nations Security Council welcomes the positive developments in the region and in adopting Resolution 2444 (2018) on 14 November has decided to lift the sanctions still in place against Eritrea. The Federal Council has consequently decided to repeal the relevant ordinance with effect from 7 December 2018.

On 23 December 2009 the UN Security Council imposed an arms embargo against Eritrea, as well as financial sanctions and travel bans against the country’s leaders. The country was suspected of having supported armed groups in Somalia, thereby contributing to the destabilisation of the region. It also refused to respect the provisions of Resolution 1862 (2009) regarding the border dispute with the Republic of Djibouti. These measures were adopted by the Federal Council in its Ordinance of 3 February 2010 imposing measures against Eritrea.

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