Court settlement between SECO and Digital Sourcing ApS, formerly Lux International Sales ApS

Bern, 23.10.2018 - In the civil action filed by SECO on 29 June 2017 in the Commercial Court of the Canton of Bern against Digital Sourcing Aps, formerly Lux International Sales ApS, the parties on 18th / 24th July 2018 reached a court settlement. The Bern Commercial Court has accordingly dismissed the civil action, as no further proceedings are required.

Until the start of 2018, Digital Sourcing ApS sold cosmetic and beauty care products on the website The company also offered the same products for sale via web advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. At the start of April, it closed down the website as it had sold its retail business.

SECO had received numerous complaints about Digital Sourcing Aps from customers in Switzerland. Those customers claimed they had received goods without having placed an order. There were also complaints that fees and customs charges were invoiced on delivery without being mentioned previously.

In response, in June 2017 SECO filed a civil action in the Bern Commercial Court.

Digital Sourcing ApS disputes the complaints made against it. However, the sale of its retail business and the related change in circumstances have allowed the parties to settle the case.

In the event that it does business in Switzerland again in the future, Digital Sourcing ApS has undertaken to make the ordering process in its online shops more transparent with regard to indicating prices and placing orders. Digital Sourcing ApS has given this undertaking without admitting any infringement of legal rights or accepting that it has any legal obligation to do so.

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