Tightening of sanctions against Myanmar

Bern, 17.10.2018 - On 17 October the Federal Council once again tightened sanctions against Myanmar due to its concerns over systematic human rights violations. Switzerland is thereby aligning itself with the sanctions adopted by the EU on 26 April and 25 June. The new provisions come into force at 6pm on 17 October 2018.

In addition to the existing embargo on arms and equipment that can be used for internal repression, the Federal Council on 17 October also banned the sale, supply, export and transit of dual-use goods to military end users and to military and border guard police end users in Myanmar. A corresponding ban also applies to equipment, technology and software that can be used to monitor communications (internet, telephone).

In addition, an asset freeze and travel ban (entry and transit) have been imposed on certain natural persons. These measures are currently aimed at seven high-ranking members of Myanmar’s military and security forces who are accused of serious human rights violations. The funds and economic resources of these individuals have been frozen and must be reported to SECO without delay.

The Federal Council condemns the ongoing widespread, systematic grave human rights violations committed by Myanmar’s military and security forces, and is deeply concerned by the deteriorating human rights situation.

When sanctions against Myanmar were largely lifted on 9 May 2012, the Federal Council stressed that it would be prepared to tighten restrictive measures against Myanmar again in line with Switzerland’s most important trade partners should the political situation in the country significantly deteriorate.

The Federal Council reaffirms its support for transition in Myanmar. Switzerland’s ongoing cooperation efforts, which aim to promote peace, democracy and socio-economic development in Myanmar, will continue.

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