Swiss Military Small Band plays in New Zealand, Australia and India

Bern, 25.07.2018 - Switzerland's National Day will be celebrated by Swiss nationals living all over the world. The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA and the Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Philippe Rebord, have arranged for an ensemble of 17 musicians from the Swiss Military Band to provide the musical accompaniment to the festivities at Swiss embassies and missions in Auckland and Wellington (New Zealand), Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne (Australia), and Delhi and Mumbai (India).

From 27 July to 15 August 2018, the Swiss Military Small Band will provide the musical and military accompaniment at the Swiss National Day festivities at the embassies in New Zealand, Australia and India. During its 20-day tour, the band will give 25 concerts, including performances at other events for Swiss nationals, and will have the opportunity to perform with national military bands from these countries.

The Swiss military bands are excellent flagships and ambassadors for Swiss culture performing regularly at major events in Switzerland and abroad. With the concerts planned in South Asia and Oceania, the Swiss Armed Forces will be supporting the FDFA in its official diplomatic events.

The Swiss Military Small Band comprises 15 talented young musicians who have completed recruit school at the Centre of Excellence for Military Bands. Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Robatel, Deputy Commander of the Centre, leads the delegation and First Lieutenant Axel Catillaz is the musical director.

Accommodation, food and transport costs for the tour are covered by the regular budgets of the embassies in New Zealand, Australia and India, and by contributions from Swiss and local sponsors. The musicians' travel expenses and the costs of transporting their instruments are paid by the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport.

"The Fifth Switzerland", as the collective of Swiss nationals living abroad is called, comprises around 750,000 Swiss citizens.

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Armed Forces Spokesman
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