« BUNDESART» for the Federal Council

Bern, 31.12.2017 - The Federal Chancellery has published the official Federal Council photo for 2018. It is the first time that it has been designed as an animated image for online media. «BUNDESART – the artistic Federal Council photo» is the title of the concept selected by President Alain Berset. Both the concept and the photo were produced by STEMUTZ. The background image is the work of MICHEL FR.

The 2018 Federal Council photo is the result of a collaboration between two creative artists from Fribourg; photographer Stéphane Schmutz, alias STEMUTZ, and artist Michel Cotting, alias MICHEL FR. The concept, entitled ‘BUNDESART – the artistic Federal Council photo’, has the seven members of the Federal Council and the Federal Chancellor positioned in front of an image featuring a selection of Swiss motifs drawn with an element of humour. Visitors to www.admin.ch, will see an animated image and be able to find out how it came about.

“The aim is to showcase the large diversity of small-scale Switzerland in an artistic way”, explains Stéphane Schmutz. Michel Cotting drew each motif by hand incorporated them into the image on the computer.

55,000 copies of the official photo have been printed. The photo will be available in the foyers of both wings of the Federal Palace and from the Käfigturm Political Forum in Bern. The photo can also be downloaded or ordered online at www.admin.ch.

Address for enquiries

Simonazzi André
Federal Council spokesperson
Tel. 058 462 37 03
Email: andre.simonazzi@bk.admin.ch


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