Federal Act on the Business Identification Number (BINA) - The FSO accredited to issue legal entity identifiers (LEI) in Switzerland

Neuchâtel, 06.12.2017 - (FSO) – As of today the FSO has official accreditation to allocate legal entity identifiers (LEI) to Swiss businesses and funds that request one. The LEI contributes to risk prevention in the financial sector and encourages stability by enabling the authorities and interested parties to reliably identify contractual partners.

This press release and further information on this topic can be found on the FSO website (see link below)

Address for enquiries

Bertrand Loison, Vice-director, FSO, +41 58 463 67 70, bertrand.Loison@bfs.admin.ch
Fabio Tomasini, Head of Business Register section, FSO, 058 463 64 38, fabio.tomasini@bfs.admin.ch


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