High degree of satisfaction with eGovernment services in Switzerland

Berne, 27.10.2017 - According to the eGovernment Monitor Study which was published on 27 October 2017, the degree of satisfaction of the general public in Switzerland with the online services of the authorities is high. The use of and degree of satisfaction with online services were examined in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Since 2010, the eGovernment Monitor Study has been examining how the online offering of the authorities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is being received by the general public. The publishers of the study are the German Institute for Public Information Management (ipima) and Initiative D21, a charitable association for the information society in Germany. eGovernment Switzerland supports the eGovernment Monitor as a partner.

Usage barriers to eGovernment are being dismantled

In Switzerland, since 2012 the use of eGovernment services has risen from 58% to 61%. The main reason for the increasing use of online services is to do with the savings in terms of time and cost when it comes to dealings with the authorities. The usage barriers elicited in earlier studies (in particular the fact that the services are not widely known and the lack of consistency) diminished compared to the previous year. The country comparison shows that these barriers in Switzerland are lower than in Germany and Austria. In addition, the level of satisfaction in Switzerland with the online services offered is higher than in the two neighbouring countries, although in comparison to the previous year it is slightly on the decline. This can be explained, among other things, by the digitalisation of society and its growing demands.

Once recorded, repeated use follows

The eGovernment Monitor shows that more than 40% of the Swiss regard the once-only principle as an important component of a modern state. Once-only means that once data has been gathered, it can be reused by other authorities. Almost half of those polled in Switzerland are even of the opinion that changes to the contact and contract data should be automatically updated by the authorities.

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