«The Swiss Confederation: a brief guide»: in print and digital formats

Bern, 21.02.2017 - The Federal Chancellery has published the 2017 edition of its brochure ‘The Swiss Confederation: a brief guide’. It contains information about Switzerland’s political system, the administration and its judicial authorities. The content can also be accessed on smartphones and tablets through the «CH info» app.

How does a popular vote come about? Which parties are represented in Parliament? How is Switzerland governed? How are laws drafted? The answers to these questions can be found in the brochure, ‘The Swiss Confederation: a brief guide’, and in the ‘CH info’ app. The brochure is aimed at the general public, but is used by schools in civics lessons, local authorities recommend it to potential naturalisation candidates and businesses distribute it to their stakeholders. Both the brochure and the app are available in the four national languages as well as English.

The photos in this year’s edition show young people in contact with political actors and the administration in a range of situations: in the Federal Palace, learning on the job and attending courses. Readers can obtain more in-depth information online by following the numerous links, which is particularly easy to do through the ‘CH info’ app.

Address for enquiries

Ursula Eggenberger
Head, Communications Section
+41 58 462 37 63


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