Official 2017 Federal Council photo published

Bern, 31.12.2016 - Just in time for the New Year, the Federal Chancellery has published the official Federal Council photo for 2017. This edition focuses on the faces of the cabinet members and the Federal Chancellor, showing them in close-up and as silhouettes. The photo was produced by Beat Mumenthaler following a brief from President Doris Leuthard.

"I wanted to create a sense of closeness by placing the subjects in the foreground", explains Beat Mumenthaler. The photographer from Thun specialises in authentic portraits.

55,000 copies of the official photo have been printed. The photo will be available in the foyers of both wings of the Federal Palace and from the Käfigturm Political Forum in Bern. The photo can also be downloaded or ordered online at where you can take a glimpse behind the scenes to see how the photo came about.

Address for enquiries

André Simonazzi
Federal Council spokesperson
079 597 64 49


Federal Chancellery