iPRES 2016: how to preserve digital information over the long term

Bern, 27.09.2016 - The International Conference on Digital Preservation (iPRES) will be held in Switzerland for the first time from 3 to 6 October. Over 300 experts from 30 countries will come to Bern to discuss the long-term archiving of digital information. iPRES 2016 is hosted by the Swiss National Library (NL).

One of the ‘fathers of the Internet’, Robert E. Kahn from the US, will give the opening speech at iPRES2016. Attendees will be welcomed by National Council President Christa Markwalder and Marie-Christine Doffey, Director of the NL.

The very first iPRES was held in Beijing in 2001. It is thus the oldest international conference on the subject of long-term digital preservation and brings people from all over the world together to discover and debate the latest trends, innovations, strategies, projects and practices. The goal is to work out and implement solutions for preserving the world’s digital cultural heritage for posterity. The fast pace of change in the digital world means that hardware and software are becoming obsolete all the time, so there is a danger that yesterday’s data might no longer be readable tomorrow. What is unique about iPRES is that it allows researchers, developers and users to come together and talk about preservation methods. The NL has been working on digital long-term archiving since 2001.

The conference takes place annually, with the venue rotating between Asia/Oceania, the US and Europe. The last European iPRES was in Lisbon in 2013. 

Address for enquiries

Barbara Signori, iPRES 2016 Project Manager, Head of e-Helvetica, Swiss National Library,
tel. 058 464 03 07, barbara.signori@nb.admin.ch

Elena Balzardi, Vice-Director, Swiss National Library, tel. 058 462 89 48, elena.balzardi@nb.admin.ch


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