Counterterrorism strategy for Switzerland

Bern, 18.09.2015 - In today’s session, the Federal Council approved the counterterrorism strategy for Switzerland devised under the lead of the Federal Security Core Group (KGSi). This document provides a written record of established activities and processes at federal and cantonal levels and thus creates a common basis for counterterrorism. The goal is to protect Switzerland and her interests as well as possible against terrorism.

Terrorism is a threat to world peace and international security, and as such it also threatens the freedom and security of Switzerland and its interests at home and abroad. In coordination with its security partners at home and abroad, Switzerland has therefore been fighting terrorism for many years with all the resources and options open to a constitutional state and with due regard to human rights and fundamental liberties.

Fighting terrorism is a joint task for the Confederation, cantons and communes. The new strategy creates a common basis for all the security partners involved. Its aim is to effectively counter terrorism and its financing. This must be achieved within Switzerland’s constitutional framework and in accordance with international law and with special regard to fundamental and human rights. It should preserve the balance between freedom and security and in the event of any doubt give preference to freedom. Internationally, Switzerland should be perceived as a reliable and prudent player that is committed to international law.

The fight against terrorism is being carried on in four areas of action: prevention, law enforcement, protection and crisis management provisions. The first three serve to prevent terrorist attacks in Switzerland or the export and support of terrorism from its territory. However, because terror attacks in Switzerland cannot be ruled out, crisis management provisions will ensure that Switzerland is able to handle a terrorist attack by strengthening its resilience.

Switzerland’s antiterrorist strategy also provides a guideline for the work of the task force that will be presenting its second report to the public this autumn. A substantial number of the measures outlined in the strategy have already been put in place, while implementation of most of the remaining measures is underway.

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