New anti-corruption reporting platform

(Last modification 17.09.2015)

Bern, 15.09.2015 - Swiss law enforcement has a new instrument to help combat corruption. The web-based platform enables anyone with information on possible acts of corruption to report their suspicions anonymously to the police. Law enforcement agencies hope the website will provide them with a new investigative approach to fight corruption at national and international level. The new reporting system was put into operation today by the Federal Office of Police (fedpol) on behalf of the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG).

Corruption results in significant financial and non-financial loss for the state, the private sector and society. Switzerland is committed at national and international level to fighting this form of crime. To this end, it has signed international agreements with the United Nations Organization (UNO), the Council of Europe (COE) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Strengthening law enforcement in this field is just as important as protecting witnesses and informers. The new reporting platform provides an effective tool for combating corruption, a central concern for the OAG.

Corruption often goes undetected and those directly involved have little interest in prosecution. For law enforcement agencies insider knowledge is therefore a decisive factor in investigating and prosecuting this form of crime. The OAG and fedpol are therefore optimistic that the reporting platform will provide them with a new mechanism for investigating cases of corruption. Informers are protected from reprisal, for example by an employer, because the system guarantees anonymity. This reduces the psychological barrier for submitting a report.

Platform enables dialogue with anonymous informers

Anyone who has information on possible acts of corruption can submit an anonymous report to law enforcement agencies via the new website. The reporting platform is located on an external server outside of the Federal Administration. Law enforcement agencies are not able to determine an informer’s identity without their authorisation. However, the reporting platform does enable the competent authorities to make contact with the informer in order to gather additional information or to inform the person about further procedures.

Each report submitted via the platform is assessed for criminal relevance before being forwarded to the appropriate fedpol unit for follow-up action. If the substance of the report falls under cantonal jurisdiction, the report is forwarded to the appropriate cantonal police force. The new anti-corruption platform complements the already existing contact point at the Federal Audit Office for reports on corruption within the Federal Administration.

First reporting platform of its kind in Switzerland

The anonymous anti-corruption reporting platform is the first of its kind in Switzerland. Similar systems already exist in Germany and Austria, where law enforcement agencies have had positive results.

The website contains demonstration videos illustrating how to submit a report. It also provides information on how the exchange of information with an anonymous informer works.

Address for enquiries

Questions on the new reporting platform can be directed to fedpol:
Communication and Media Service fedpol, T +41 58 463 13 10

For general information on anti-corruption measures at national and international level contact the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland:
OAG Communications Service, T +41 58 464 32 40,


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