Free movement of persons: update of regulations on the recognition of professional qualifications

Bern, 09.06.2015 - Switzerland and the EU have reached an agreement on the automatic recognition of new training courses. As a result, further categories of doctors, midwives and nurses will have direct access to the job market in all EU countries.

Following the last joint Swiss-EU Committee on the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons, an amendment was made in writing proceedings to Annex III of the agreement, which regulates the recognition of professional qualifications. Thanks to this decision, the qualifications of several further categories of Swiss professions will be recognised, giving the holders access to the job market in all countries in the EU. Recognition will occur automatically: no prior examination of the content of the Swiss training course will be required.

The decision applies to doctors specialising in medical oncology and medical genetics, midwives with a bachelor’s degree from a UAS and to nurses with College of PET degree. The EU has also amended the list of professional titles issued by its member states, and Switzerland will recognise these automatically. All the titles meet the training standards applicable since the adoption in 2011 of Directive 2005/36/CE on the recognition of professional qualifications. This update will help to alleviate labour shortages in many fields.

Address for enquiries

Frédéric Berthoud, head of VET Qualifications EU/EFTA, tel. 058 465 58 66


State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation