ComCom speeds up porting of phone numbers to a new provider

Berne, 12.05.2015 - Telecoms subscribers wishing to switch provider will be able to transfer their mobile and landline numbers faster in future. The Swiss Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) is reducing the times allowed to arrange the porting of numbers with effect from 1 November 2015, including in cases of dispute arising from an existing telecoms contract. In this way ComCom intends to increase competition between telecommunications service providers and improve consumer rights.

If a customer wants to change their telecommunications service provider and take their existing number with them, the new provider will be responsible for initiating the number porting, i.e. by requesting the customer’s original provider to port the number.

With effect from 1 November 2015 the provider relinquishing the number will be obliged to confirm the number porting application for mobile numbers to the new provider after a maximum of one working day – instead of the current five working days. This means the new provider will have the necessary certainty much quicker than before that customers wishing to switch can be accepted with their existing number. For all other phone numbers, such as landline numbers or value-added service numbers, the confirmation must be sent to the new provider after two working days at the latest, because the relinquishing provider must perform slightly more complex procedures compared with mobile numbers.

Though the shortened order confirmation time will speed up number porting, it should however be noted that the transfer of a number and the change of supplier also involve other administrative and technical processes that take additional time. 

An innovative aspect of the change is that the original provider is obliged to agree to the porting request even if there are disputes between the provider and the customer about the contract or the services supplied.

These changes should also increase competition between telecommunications service providers and improve consumer rights.

ComCom made this decision in the form of an ordinance revision. The relevant Annex 1 to the ComCom Ordinance (SR 784.101.112 / 1) was published today. The provisions will enter into force on 1 November 2015 as the providers will take some time to adjust the processes and systems.

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