Green light for implementation of .swiss internet domain names

Biel/Bienne, 30.04.2013 - The Confederation is taking a new step in relation to managing the new top-level domain name .swiss. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the corporation responsible for managing domain names worldwide, has deemed that the Swiss candidature meets the requirements. The implementation phase can now begin. The first .swiss domain names could be registered by the autumn of 2014.

After evaluation of the candidature, ICANN confirmed that the projected new top-level internet domain name .swiss, is in accordance with its requirements. The candidature file was submitted by the Federal Office of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) on behalf of the Confederation. Switzerland can therefore move on to the implementation phase, which will include in particular the negotiation of the details of the contract with ICANN, preparation of the technical infrastructure and performance of the tests stipulated by ICANN. In parallel, OFCOM has to prepare the adaptation of the Swiss legal framework and define the conditions for assigning new addresses.

Domain names available in 2014

The new internet domain .swiss should be available to the Swiss community during the second half of 2014. Only then will it be possible to apply for the registration of an internet address with the .swiss extension.

Preserving Swiss interests

By seeking to acquire the new top-level domain name .swiss, the Confederation wishes to defend the interests of Switzerland and ensure that the new extensions will be at the disposal of the country's economy, culture and institutions. .swiss has the advantage of providing a more easily identifiable link with Switzerland, whilst the .ch suffix can lead to confusion with other countries, for example China. Today, anyone can register a domain name ending in .ch from anywhere, without having to prove that a link with Switzerland exists.

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