Equal pay self-test now also in English

Bern, 28.06.2011 - LOGIB, the federal administration’s self-test tool for companies to help them establish whether they have an equal pay policy, is now available in English. The Federal Office for Gender Equality FOGE created the English version of LOGIB in response to the growing need among international companies based or working in Switzerland to assess their pay policy. The tool can be downloaded from www.logib.ch free of charge.

Until now it has been difficult for international companies to use LOGIB because there was no English language option. The newest LOGIB Version 2.2.0 overcomes this problem.

LOGIB makes it easy for companies to establish to what extent they respect an equal pay policy. They can then decide if they need to carry out a more thorough analysis with the help of experts. In 2010 LOGIB was downloaded about 3700 times. Interest in the tool has also been shown in other countries; LOGIB has been adopted by both Germany and Luxembourg.

In Switzerland, the principle of equal pay for women and men is enshrined in the Federal Constitution and in the Gender Equality Act. Men and women should be equally remunerated for equal and equivalent work. There are several international agreements, ratified by Switzerland, which also contain provisions on equal pay between men and women (c.f. CEDAW, ILO, WTO).

The principle of equal pay must also be contained in a public agreement. Since 2006 FOGE and the Federal Procurement Commission have been carrying out regular controls. In Canton Bern, there is a pilot project underway to test LOGIB's suitability for use in procurement processes.

LOGIB and the methods it uses are also being recommended in discussions on equal pay launched by employer and employee associations and the Federal Administration. All businesses based in Switzerland, administrative bodies and public institutions are welcome to take part in this discussion by testing their remuneration policy to see if it respects the principle of equal pay.

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