Switzerland and the United States: Withdrawal of the John Doe Summons against UBS

Bern, 16.11.2010 - Following the last substantial delivery of administrative assistance cases by Switzerland, the US tax authority (IRS) has fully and definitively withdrawn the John Doe Summons served on UBS.

By the end of August, the Federal Tax Administration (FTA) had examined approximately 4,450 UBS client accounts under the agreement with the United States. The delivery of data by Switzerland to the United States was largely completed by mid-November after expiry of the appeal periods. Overall, approximately 4,000 cases have been supplied to the United States to date. Subject to the outcome of pending appeals before the Swiss Administrative Court or in the case of no appeals, information on a number of additional accounts covered by the Agreement and the Treaty request will be delivered to the IRS over the course of the coming months.

The Agreement thus having been substantially implemented, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) fully and definitively withdrew the John Doe Summons against UBS on 15 November 2010.

In the administrative assistance agreement of 19 August 2009, Switzerland and the United States had defined criteria for examining the administrative assistance request concerning tax offences. This request was submitted by the IRS to the FTA on 31 August 2009.

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