FoJ preparing Polanksi custody release

Bern, 26.11.2009 - The Federal Office of Justice (FoJ) will release Roman Polanski from custody pending extradition as soon as the alternative measures imposed by the Federal Criminal Court are in place. The FoJ has decided not to contest the Federal Criminal Court's ruling on Polanski's release.

Following the decision by the Federal Criminal Court, the FoJ will grant Roman Polanski provisional release from custody providing certain conditions are met. His possible extradition to the US is still being examined. Polanski must post bail of 4.5 million Swiss francs, must lodge all identification and travel documents with the Zurich cantonal police, and must remain at his chalet in Gstaad. He will be under house arrest, and has also committed to wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet. Polanski will be released from custody as soon as bail has been transferred, ID and travel documents have been lodged, and the electronic monitoring system has been installed and tested. Should Polanski violate the terms of his release, bail will be forfeited to the Swiss Confederation.

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Federal Office of Justice, T +41 58 462 48 48,


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