Electromagnetic compatibility in Switzerland: responsibility transferred to OFCOM

Bern, 18.11.2009 - From 1 January 2010, the Federal Office of Communications will take up from the Federal Office of Energy the responsibility for the enforcement of the Ordinance on Electromagnetic Compatibility (OEMC). OFCOM will therefore be responsible for issues relating to interference due to electromagnetic fields. Today the Federal Council gave the green light for this transfer. It also approved the complete revision of the ordinance to harmonise it with the European legislation.

By clarifying scope and technical standards, the revision of the ordinance on electromagnetic compatibility will make it possible to improve market surveillance. It lays down more detailed and clearer requirements for all equipment and fixed installations (television sets, household electrical appliances, etc.) which may be sources of interferences or which may be affected by them. The Ordinance relates to placing them on the market, their free circulation and their use in Switzerland. Furthermore, conformity assessment will henceforth be the sole responsibility of the manufacturer, who will no longer have to involve a third party for this task.

By adopting the text of the OEMC, the Federal Council is harmonising Swiss legislation with that of the European Community. Thus the import and export of equipment between Switzerland and the European Union countries will be simplified.

Since OFCOM is already responsible for issues relating to the electromagnetic compatibility of telecommunications installations and for research into and elimination of interference which they may cause, it seemed logical for the Office to be responsible also for protecting radiocommunication services from electromagnetic interferences caused by electrical equipment. At the same time, OFCOM is taking over market surveillance for products affected by the OECM, a task previously entrusted to the Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations (ESTI) by the Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications. This hand-over will allow simpler and faster procedures in the event of interference.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) deals with the parasitic electromagnetic fields caused by electrical equipment or with their effects on the equipment. However, it does not deal with the consumer safety of equipment.

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