Stabilisation programme: Federal Government launches three energy support programmes today

Bern, 23.03.2009 - In the 2009 March session, Parliament agreed to the second stabilisation programme put forward by the Swiss Federal Council in support of the Swiss economy. To this end, it has approved additional credit totalling 710 million francs for 2009, 60 million of which will flow into three support programmes in the energy sector. These programmes are being launched today by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) and applications for grants can be submitted with immediate effect. The deadline for the submission of applications is 30 June 2009. Terms and conditions for funding und application forms are available on the BFE website by going to

1. Support programme for new photovoltaic plants on the waiting list for compensatory feed-in remuneration

Investment grants in the sum of 20 million francs  are available for the realisation of new photovoltaic plants. These grants are paid exclusively to photovoltaic plants which were registered with the national grid company swissgrid ag as at 31 December 2008 for compensatory feed-in remuneration (CRF) and which had to be placed on the waiting list by swissgrid ag. swissgrid ag shall deliver the application request to all eligible project engineers on the CRF waiting list automatically by 10 April 2009 at the latest. Only those applications completed on the original application form as provided by swissgrid and received by 30 June 2009 will be accepted. Construction of the facility may only commence once the project engineers have received the definitive authorisation for funding. The investment grant amounts to between 2,500 and 3,500 francs per kilowatt of installed capacity (maximum sum: 25,000 - 35,000 francs). 

2. Support programme for the replacement of electronic storage heating

Ten million francs in investment grants are available for the replacement of electronic storage heating. Investment grants will only awarded for the complete replacement of electronic storage heating in buildings which are permanently occupied. Homes which are not permanently occupied, such as holiday homes, are not eligible for funding. Once the decision regarding the grant has been received by the project planners, the construction of the new heating system, which must be furnished with the quality label "heat pump device" or the quality seal "Holzenenergie Schweiz", can commence. Depending on the type of heating, the investment grant is between 3,300 and 8,000 francs per system. In addition, a bonus of 3,000 francs can also be provided for the installation of a hydraulic system.

3. Funding programme for district heating projects with waste heat and renewable energies

30 million francs are available for investment grants for district heating projects. District heating projects are funded which are operated at least 80% using waste heat and renewable energies and where construction work is due to start in 2009. New construction work to, and development of, district heating pipelines, the changeover from fossil fuel burning power stations to renewable energies plus total projects (pipeline networks and power stations) will be funded. The funding does not cover connection of individual heating purchasers to a district heating network. The investment grant is between 120 francs per megawatt hour (new construction and development of district heating pipelines) and 280 francs per megawatt hour (pipeline networks and power stations) and can be up to a maximum of 30% of the investment costs or a maximum of 5 million francs. Construction of the facility may only commence once the project engineers have received authorisation for the grant.

Address for enquiries

Information for journalists:
Marianne Z├╝nd, Head of Communication SFOE, 031 322 56 75 / 079 763 86 11

Information for applicants:
Photovoltaic Energy KEV Programme waiting list:
swissgrid ag, Dammstrasse 3, P.O. Box 22, CH-5070 Frick
Phone: 0848 014 014 or e-mail:, Internet:

Replacement of Electric Heating Programme:
SUPSI-DACD-ISAAC, Via Trevano, 6952 Canobbio
Phone: 058 666 63 26, or e-mail:, Internet:

District Heating Programme:
Ingenieurb├╝ro Verenum, Langmauerstrasse 109, CH-8006 Zurich
Phone: 044 377 70 79, or e-mail:, Internet:


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