Federal Council acknowledges submission of the popular initiative ‘against the construction of minarets’

Bern, 08.07.2008 - The Federal Council acknowledged on July 8, 2008, that the popular initiative against the construction of minarets was submitted with 114'895 signatures (initiative committee figures). President Pascal Couchepin reiterated that several members of the government have publicly expressed their objections to a ban on minarets as sought by this initiative.

The initiative seeks to introduce a clause into the Federal Constitution prohibiting the construction of minarets. It was launched by a group of private individuals and therefore does not originate from the government or from parliament. The initiative seeks to prevent the construction of minarets. It does not call into question the right of all individuals to practise the religion of their choice. Furthermore, it should be pointed out that a number of cantons have already rejected a ban on minarets.  

The Federal Council will naturally be recommending that parliament and the electorate vote against the initiative.

Address for enquiries

Oswald Sigg, Federal Council Spokesperson
031 322 37 03 (between 11 and 12; 17 and 18)


Federal Department of Home Affairs