Blackout: Joint Press Release

Bern, 06.10.2003 - French and Italian Regulators, with the Swiss Administration, decide to conduct an independent inquiry into the events of September 28th.

The Italian and French regulators for electricity and gas, AEEG1 and CRE2, and the Swiss Federal Office for Energy3 have agreed to carry out – with the independent expertise of NORDEL4 – a joint inquiry into behaviour of the interconnected power system in order to reach a comprehensive understanding of the events which led to the blackout in the Italian network on September 28 to draw all consequences.

In particular, the inquiry will focus on the chronological sequence of events on September 28 and on the coordination procedures among the three TSOs in charge of the electricity exchanges at the electrical border shared by France, Switzerland and Italy: RTE (France), the Swiss utilities (Switzerland) and GRTN (Italy). The coordination among these TSOs is crucial to the operation of interconnected grids in a secure way for the benefit of electricity exchanges within the Internal Electricity Market (IEM).

It is the very first time in which two European regulators, competent for grid regulation according to the European Directive, along with the Swiss administration will cooperate at this level, in accordance with the mandate of the regulators to bring in line the market rules and the grid operation procedures with their correct implementation.


Swiss Federal Office of Energy

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