armasuisse holds round table on the topic of drones

Bern, 09.07.2024 - On July 9, 2024 the Federal Office for Defence Procurement armasuisse held a round table on the topic «Drones» with representatives from industry and the DDPS. In the near future, it is planned for Switzerland to be able to deploy a large number of different types of drones in order to respond to threats and increase the defence capability of the Armed Forces.

A round table dealing with the topic of drones took place on 9 July 2024 in Berne under the direction of Thomas Rothacher, Deputy Chief of Armament and Head of the Drones Task Force. Participants from industry as well as the Federal Department for Defence, Civil Protection and Sport DDPS discussed the possibility of independent development of small and medium-sized drones in Switzerland, which could ensure attack and reconnaissance missions from the air. This corresponds to the Armed Forces’ Vision 2030 to increase its defence capability by Switzerland successfully preventing or fend off attacks.

Strengthening defence capability and Swiss industry

The aim of the open exchange at the round table was to involve the partners in the discussion for developing drones right from the start. At the round table, open questions and challenges were addressed, goals and needs for the use of drones identified and potential solution approaches for cooperation made the subject of discussion. The focus was on involving partners in the delivery of subcomponents, complete systems and providing test and training options. This should also strengthen the Security-relevant Technology and Industry Base of Switzerland (STIB) as well as reduce dependencies and delivery bottlenecks from abroad.

Drones Task Force for self-sufficient drone development in Switzerland

In view of the increasing threats and continuing global conflicts, the DDPS launched the Drones Task Force in June 2024 under the direction of the Federal Office for Defence Procurement armasuisse. One particular focus of the Task Force will be on ensuring that implementation of drone development in Switzerland is as self-sufficient as possible. The topics discussed at the round table will be transposed into an implementation concept in the next step. The intention is to carry out initial tests with own drones with the forces from 2025.

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