Standardisation of small calibre ammunition: armasuisse takes part in European Defence Agency project

Bern, 06.06.2024 - Switzerland is further expanding its international cooperation with the European Defence Agency (EDA). The Federal Office for Defence Procurement armasuisse is taking part in a project in which the requirements for the effectiveness of small calibre ammunition are to be standardised and the technologies for these bullets thus optimised. The Head of the DDPS, Federal President Viola Amherd, has authorised the corresponding agreement on participation in the project “Small Arms Ammunition Technologies”.

The Federal Office for Defence Procurement armasuisse is taking part in another EDA project. The project “Small Arms Ammunition Technologies” (SAAT) will serve to standardise small calibre ammunition at European level. Specifically, the project will cover, among other things, the definition of joint requirements for the effectiveness, logistics and sustainability of small calibre ammunition. In this context, an optimised prototype or a model of a small calibre bullet is to be developed and a contribution made to optimising the technologies for ammunition components. The SAAT project will lay important foundations with regard to future procurements for the Swiss Armed Forces in the area of small calibre weapons and ammunition. armasuisse will involve representatives from the armed forces, important stakeholder groups such as the Swiss Shooting Sport Federation (SSV) and other experts in this work.

There is also the possibility of involving Swiss industry. This will allow the findings from the project to flow directly into the production of small calibre ammunition. Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Italy and Switzerland are participating in the project.

Switzerland is participating in eight EDA Capability Technology Groups

This is based on the agreement on cooperation with the EDA of 16 March 2012. This agreement enables Switzerland to participate in EDA projects and programmes in the area of research and technology as well as armaments cooperation. As part of this cooperation, Switzerland can identify programmes, projects and activities of the EDA in which it takes part. Participation will take place through contributions in specific expert forums and research groups.

Switzerland is currently participating in eight Capability Technology Groups (CapTechs) of the EDA and has joined several research projects. These groups and projects will carry out the joint research and technology activities in accordance with the capability requirements defined by the EDA member states.

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