DETEC approves construction project for taxiway routing around runway 28 at Zurich Airport

Bern, 17.04.2024 - The Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) has granted Flughafen Zürich AG planning permission to route a taxiway around runway 28. This will significantly reduce the number of runway crossings by aircraft landing or taxiing for take-off, and meets an important requirement set by the FOCA in a 2012 safety review.

Runway 10-28 is required for take-offs and landings in all operating concepts. It divides the stands at Zurich Airport into two halves. In normal operations (northern concept), it is used for departures to the west; planes approaching from the north land on runway 14. To get to docks A and B, all landed aircraft must cross runway 10-28. In the second main operating concept (eastern concept) with landings from the east on runway 28, aircraft taking off from docks A and B must also cross runway 10-28 in order to reach runway 32 to the north.

A safety review of the airport requested by the FOCA in 2012 revealed that the approximately 100,000 runway crossings per year posed a considerable safety risk. Flughafen Zürich AG (FZAG) submitted an application to DETEC in 2020 to route the taxiway around runway 28 in order to massively reduce the number of runway crossings. 

A number of general and business aviation buildings will have to make way for the new taxiing route. Replacement buildings are planned in the western part of the airport. As there is also a protected moor at the project perimeter, new moor areas will be created. In addition, ecological improvements are planned between runway 14-32 and the A51 Kloten-Bülach motorway to mitigate the impact of the new taxiway.

Several objections were raised against the project; these came from environmental organisations and those directly affected by the project. DETEC rejected most of the objections. An appeal against the decision may be lodged with the Federal Administrative Court.

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