Syrian crisis and refugee situation

The armed conflict in Syria has led to a major humanitarian crisis. Millions of people are fleeing the country. Switzerland is admitting people in need of protection, participating in the European resettlement programme and providing assistance on the ground.

Assistance on the ground

Map of humanitarian assistance in the crisis area.


Admission to Switzerland

Federal Council press conferences

Media Conference of the Federal Council from 18.11.2015: statement of Simonetta Sommaruga, President of the Swiss Confederation.

Short version of media Conference of the Federal Council from 18.09.2015 with CF Sommaruga and Burkhalter.

Press releases and speeches

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Further reading

Was können wir tun? Tun wir genug?

Votum von Bundespräsidentin Simonetta Sommaruga in der Debatte des Nationalrats zur Revision des Asylgesetzes (9. September 2015)

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