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Who sits in the Swiss government?

The Federal Council is made up of seven members, each of which heads a government department. Decisions are made jointly. The Federal Chancellor supports the government.

How government is run

The Federal Council is the highest executive authority in the country. It comprises seven members, who are elected by the Federal Assembly. The Federal Council’s tasks are set out in the Federal Constitution.

How Switzerland works

The Confederation, cantons and communes share the state power and citizens are actively involved at all levels. Many decisions are made by the Swiss People at the ballot box.

Presidential year 2015

Simonetta Sommaruga was elected president of the Swiss Confederation on 3 December 2014. This is the first time since 1997 that the head of the Federal Department of Justice and Police is elected president of the Swiss Confederation.



Refugee situation

Switzerland is admitting people in need of protection, participating in the European resettlement programme and providing assistance on the ground.

Press conferences


Weekly press conference live (national languages)

Directly following the Federal Council meeting, a press conference is held in the Media Centre by the members of the Federal Council and the Federal Council spokesperson.

Tweets by the spokesman

Media releases


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