Carbon neutral aviation

Federal Council adopts report on CO2 neutral aviation

A Swiss government report shows that carbon neutral air travel could be reality by 2050 if the aviation sector invests enough in research and development. Sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) are key, states the report.

Hamas ban

Hamas ban: draft law

In response to the terrorist attacks of 7 October 2023, the Swiss government has sent a draft of the federal act banning Hamas for consultation. The law will strengthen internal security and prevent the financing of terrorism via Switzerland. 

European Union

EU: Negotiating mandate

Switzerland intends to stabilise and strengthen its relationship with the European Union. The Swiss government has signed off on a draft mandate to start new negotiations with the EU. It now goes to Parliament and the cantons for consultation.


Switzerland reaffirms solidarity with Ukraine

1 February: Switzerland implements the EU’s 12th package of sanctions in response to Russia’s ongoing military aggression against Ukraine

15 January: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy received in Bern by three members of the Federal Council (photo)

Newsticker: Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

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3 March 2024: Swiss vote on two initiatives related to old age pensions

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