The Federal Authorities
of the Swiss Confederation


English is not an official language of the Swiss Confederation. This translation is provided for information purposes only and has no legal force.

Ordinance on Radio and Television


of 9 March 2007 (Status as of 1 January 2015)

The Swiss Federal Council,

based on the Federal Act of 24 March 20061 on Radio and Television (RTVA),


Title 1: Scope

Art. 1 Offerings of minor editorial importance

Title 2: Broadcasting of Programme Services

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Section 6: Legal Deposit

Art. 33

Chapter 2: Service Agreement on the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR) Offering for Foreign Countries2

Art. 35

Chapter 3: Other Broadcasters with a Mandate

Art. 36 Complementary non-profit-oriented radio programme services

Art. 37 Broadcasting programme services outside the coverage area

Art. 38 Coverage areas

Art. 39 Determining the share of fees

Art. 40 Administration of shares of the fees by the Confederation

Art. 41 Obligations of the licensee

Art. 42 Licensee’s programme production

Art. 43 Licensing procedure

Art. 44 Short-term licences

Title 3: Transmission and Technical Processing of Programme Services

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Art. 45 Adequate broadcast quality

Art. 46 Obligation to broadcast coupled services

Chapter 2: Wireless Terrestrial Broadcasting of Programme Services

Section 2: Support for the Broadcasting of Radio Programme Services

Art. 49

Chapter 3: Broadcasting by Wire

Art. 52 Programme services of foreign broadcasters

Art. 53 Maximum number of access-entitled programme services

Art. 54 Telecommunications service providers obliged to broadcast

Art. 55

Chapter 4: Technical Processing

Art. 56 Open interfaces and technical configuration

Title 4: Reception of Programme Services

Art. 57 Devices suitable for reception

Art. 58 Private, professional and commercial reception

Art. 59 Amount of the reception fees

Art. 60 Obligation to notify

Art. 60a Billing of reception fees

Art. 61 Due date, late demands, reimbursement and prescription

Art. 62 Charges for quarterly bills, reminders and debt collection

Art. 63 Exemption from the obligation to pay fees and to notify

Art. 64 Exemption on application from the obligation to pay fees

Art. 65 Fee collection agency

Art. 66 Access to data

Art. 67 Accounting and supervision

Title 5: Safeguarding Diversity and Promoting Programme Service Quality

Chapter 1: Access to Public Events

Art. 68 Scope of the short reporting right with regard to public events

Art. 69 Direct access to public events

Art. 70 Signal delivery for short reporting

Art. 71 Free access to events of major importance to society

Chapter 2: Promotion of Training, Professional Development and Media Research

Art. 72 Training and professional development of programme producers

Art. 73 Media research

Chapter 3: Foundation for Audience Research

Art. 74

Title 6: Independent Complaints Authority for Radio and Television

Art. 75 Composition

Art. 76 Selection and supervision of ombudsman services

Art. 77 Ombudsman services’ procedural costs

Title 7: Administrative Fees

Art. 78 Principle

Art. 79 Reduction in the administrative fee

Art. 80 Applicability of the General Fees Ordinance

Title 8: Final Provisions

Art. 80a Implementation

Art. 81 Repeal of existing legislation

Art. 82 Transitional provision on the due date for annual bills

Art. 82a Transitional provision on the calculation of investment contributions for new technologies

Art. 83 Commencement

Annex 1

Annex 2

Annex 3
- List of foreign programme services to be broadcast by wire

 AS 2007 787

1 SR 784.40
2 Amended by No I of the Ordinance of 15 June 2012, in force since 1 Aug. 2012 (AS 2012 3667).

English is not an official language of the Swiss Confederation. This translation is provided for information purposes only and has no legal force.

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