The Federal Authorities
of the Swiss Confederation

Book Two: Specific Provisions
Title Six: Felonies and Misdemeanours against the Family
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Art. 2131


1 Any person who has sexual intercourse with a blood relative in direct line or with a brother or sister, or a half-brother or half-sister is liable to a custodial sentence not exceeding three years or to a monetary penalty.

2 Minors are not liable to any penalty provided they have been induced to commit the act.

3 ... 2

1 Amended by No I of the Federal Act of 23 June 1989, in force since 1 Jan. 1990 (AS 1989 2449 2456; BBl 1985 II 1009).
2 Repealed by No I of the Federal Act of 5 Oct. 2001 (Limitation of Right to Prosecute in general and in cases of Sexual Offences against Children) (AS 2002 2993; BBl 2000 2943).

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