The Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation

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Members of the Federal Council who declined election

Born on
Party Canton Place of origin
Resignation Pfeile zum Sortieren der Inhalte Deceased
Picutre of Federal Councillor Stehlin, Johann Jakob Stehlin, Johann Jakob 20.01.1803 LP BS Basel 11.07.1855   18.12.1879
Picutre of Federal Councillor Matthey, Francis Matthey, Francis 17.07.1942 SPS NE Le Locle 03.03.1993    
Picutre of Federal Councillor Ruchonnet, Antoine Louis John Ruchonnet, Antoine Louis John 28.04.1834 FDP VD St-Saphorin 10.12.1875   04.09.1893
Picutre of Federal Councillor Estoppey, Charles Estoppey, Charles 15.02.1820 FDP VD Trey 18.12.1875   30.08.1888
Picutre of Federal Councillor Hoffmann, Karl Hoffmann, Karl 02.02.1820 FDP SG St. Gallen 22.02.1881   26.07.1895

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The Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation
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