The Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation

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Friedrich Traugott Wahlen

Picutre of Federal Councillor Friedrich Traugott Wahlen
Party: Swiss People''s Party (SVP)
Born on: 10.04.1899
Place of origin: Trimstein + Bern
Canton of origin: Berne (BE)
Election: 11.12.1958
Resignation: 31.12.1965
Deceased: 07.11.1985

Successor to Federal Councillor: Markus Feldmann
Predecessor to Federal Councillor: Rudolf Gnägi

Details of elections to the Federal Council

Heads of Department

Year Head Substitute
1962 - 1965 Political Department  
1961 Department of Economic Affairs  
1961 Political Department  
1960 Department of Economic Affairs  
1959 Department of Justice and Police  

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The Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation
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