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The Federal Council approves report on corruption in sport

Bern, 07.11.2012 - Today the Federal Council approved a report on the fight against corruption and match-fixing in sport. The proposals will now be examined in more detail.

Widespread professionalisation and commercialisation in sport has brought new opportunities for corruption and match-fixing. The Council of States Science, Education and Culture Committee's postulate "Fight corruption and match-fixing in sport" called on the Federal Council to report on effective ways of combating such practices at national and international level: specifically, the suitability of existing measures was to be examined, and new legislation considered.

Current measures insufficient
The report concludes that anti-corruption measures currently taken by international sports associations are insufficient. Sport has to take more robust action against corruption in its own ranks. Harmonised and binding good governance systems are required at all levels of organised sport. At the same time, the government is also under pressure to act. What is at stake is not just sport's integrity but also Switzerland's reputation as the home to numerous international sports associations.

Switzerland is currently examining other measures such as making fraud in sport a criminal offence. The tightening of Swiss corruption legislation must be addressed as well. Here the issue of whether members of national and international sport associations based in Switzerland should be made subject to the Swiss criminal law on corruption must be examined.

An aim will also be to promote closer international cooperation, since these unfair practices have become global phenomena.

In a joint effort, the FDJP and DDPS will take a closer look at the potential solutions outlined in the Federal Council report. The Federal Council has requested both departments to draw up specific regulatory proposals.

Address for enquiries:

Ms Silvia Steidle
DDPS spokeswoman
031 324 50 86

Willy Rauch
Head of Legal Services
Federal Office of Sport
032 327 64 75


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