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Uyghurs from Guantánamo in Canton Jura

Bern, 24.03.2010 - The two Uyghurs with Chinese citizenship, who were granted admission for humanitarian reasons by Switzerland, have arrived in Canton Jura. They were brought from Guantánamo in their Canton of admission in collaboration with the US authorities. In this way Switzerland – as other countries too – contributes to the closing of the Guantánamo prison camp.

The Federal Council decided to admit the two Uyghurs for humanitarian reasons on 3rd February 2010, after Canton Jura had ultimately offered to take them in. The two will now live there with a humanitarian B residence permit.

The two Uyghurs were neither charged with any crime nor condemned by the US authorities; today they are free again. They have expressly undertaken to respect the law in force and to learn the language spoken in their place of residence. They are also willing to take up a gainful employment and to provide for their basic needs. In order to protect their persons and not to endanger their integration in society, the authorities of the Confederation and of Canton Jura involved do not intend to give further information concerning their persons and place of residence.

In total Switzerland will grant three prisoners from the Guantanámo prison camp humanitarian admission - besides the two Uyghurs there is also a Uzbec, who arrived in his Canton of admission, Canton Geneva, at the beginning of the year.

Address for enquiries:

Charles Juillard, President of the Jura Government, tel +41 32 420 55 03
Guido Balmer, Information Service FDJP, tel. +41 31 322 18 18


Federal Departement of Justice and Police
Internet: http://www.ejpd.admin.ch
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