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Execution of former Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein

Berne, 30.12.2006 - The DFA takes note of the execution of the death sentence against the former Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein, as confirmed by the Iraqi Court of Appeal on December 26. The former head of state has committed grave crimes and violations of human rights. He needed to be judged by a court of law and punished. Saddam Hussein was a criminal, but the DFA disapproves of his execution.

According to Iraqi law, the death penalty is the highest form of punishment. For Switzerland the death penalty is not applicable even in the case of the most serious crimes. Switzerland does not recognise the death penalty, and it is explicitly banned in the Constitution of 1999. Guided by this principle, Switzerland advocates the abolition of the death penalty in the context of both its multilateral and in its bilateral diplomacy. This principle also applies in the case of Saddam Hussein.

 The DFA continues to be extremely concerned about the current security situation in Iraq. The DFA hopes that the trials against the individuals responsible of the Iraqi dictatorship will contribute to overcoming the past. Reconciliation is a necessary precondition for the creation of a society in which democracy, democracy and peace prevail. 

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