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The Federal Authorities

Federal Administration (directory of the federal departments and offices)

FCh Federal Chancellery
FDFA Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
FDHA Federal Department of Home Affairs
FDJP Federal Department of Justice and Police
DDPS Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport
FDF Federal Department of Finance
EAER Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research
DETEC Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications



Press releases

The current framework credit for the promotion of peace and human security expires in spring 2016. The Federal Council wants to ensure the continuation of this credit facility until the new framework credit for 2017–2020 comes into effect. For this reason it has submitted a dispatch to Parliament today requesting an increase in the current framework credit in the amount of CHF 84 million and a prolongation until the end of 2016.

What changes can we expect as a result of the increasing use of health apps and wearables? What opportunities and risks do they involve for the general public, science and industry? At today’s 9th International Data Protection Day, experts from the worlds of politics, industry and science will discuss these issues with Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner Hanspeter Thür.

Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard will travel to South Africa next week for talks on energy and climate policy where she will meet the South African environment minister, Edna Molewa, as well as representatives from the academic and business communities. The working visit also presents an opportunity to visit a number of projects co-arranged by Switzerland South Africa to promote energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Federal vote of the 30. November 2014

Switzerland is supporting international efforts to combat the Ebola epidemic and is providing humani-tarian aid in West Africa. It is also ready to treat Ebola cases at home.
The acceptance of the mass immigration initiative by the electorate and cantons on 9 February means the Federal Council is now charged with introducing a new immigration system within three years. The Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons must be renegotiated and adapted to Switzerland's new immigration system. At the same time, the government must hold talks with the European Union regarding existing and potential bilateral negotiations.