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Signature of a Comprehensive National Peace Agreement in Nepal

Berne, 21.11.2006 - The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) warmly welcomes the Comprehensive National Peace Agreement which was signed on 21 November 2006 in Kathmandu between the Government of Nepal and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).

This historical Peace Agreement puts an end to eleven years of armed conflict in Nepal and sets out common ground for a democratic transition of the country. The parties have agreed to confine the armed forces in barracks and to store their weapons under the supervision of the United Nations. They also agreed to participate in a joint interim government which will prepare elections to a Constitutional Assembly.

As a long-standing partner of Nepal which has financed and implemented a major, on-going development programme in the country for more than 40 years, Switzerland warmly welcomes this Peace Agreement which paves the way to a democratic and peaceful Nepal. Through its peace building activities in Nepal, Switzerland supported the parties in their efforts to find common ground.

The Agreement encourages Switzerland to strengthen its engagement in Nepal in favour of democracy and the promotion of human rights as prerequisites for sustainable development.

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