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Lebanon: Switzerland condemns Israel’s disproportionate reaction

Berne, 13.07.2006 - The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) condemns the disproportionate reaction of the Israeli Defence Forces in Lebanon, in particular the naval blockade and the air raids against targets in Beirut, the capital, and the country’s airports. Even if the attacks by Hezbollah at the border with Israel are to be condemned, retaliation by Israel must remain within strict proportions and not threaten a non-enemy neighbouring country. Switzerland supports the action of the Lebanese government to find a way out of this crisis. It calls on all parties to the conflict to break-off this destructive escalation, which is now threatening to develop into a regional war with disastrous consequences especially for the civilian populations.

Switzerland has friendly ties with Lebanon and supports the country in its efforts to regain full sovereignty following a prolonged period of foreign interference. The DFA welcomes the attitude of the Prime Minister, Siniora, who is committed to a diplomatic solution to the crisis. In particular, the DFA supports the demand for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council. 

The DFA also condemns the Hezbollah attacks against settlements in Northern Israel, which also violate international humanitarian law. The captured soldiers must be treated humanly in all circumstances in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

The DFA renews its appeal to all parties to the conflict to proceed with maximum restraint, and to comply with the rules of international humanitarian law at all times. It supports the calls for a cease-fire in Lebanon in order to give negotiations a chance of success.

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