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The Federal Authorities

Federal Administration (directory of the federal departments and offices)

FCh Federal Chancellery
FDFA Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
FDHA Federal Department of Home Affairs
FDJP Federal Department of Justice and Police
DDPS Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport
FDF Federal Department of Finance
EAER Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research
DETEC Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications



Press releases

Today, the Federal Council adopted the dispatch on a further four tax information exchange agreements, which will now be submitted to parliament for approval. The agreements in question are with Andorra, Greenland, San Marino and the Seychelles.

(FSO) - Just over half of economically active persons are exposed to several physical risks in their workplace. This is ten percentage points more than in 2007 (42%). These persons are 2.5 more likely to have poor self-rated health than those who are not exposed to these risks. However, the proportion of persons who worry about losing their job has not increased since 2007 (13%). They are twice as likely to claim symptoms of psychological distress than those who do not worry about this issue. These are some of the results from the Swiss Health Survey 2012 carried out by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) on the relationship between work and health.

The President of the Swiss Confederation, Didier Burkhalter, opened the Ambassadors and International Network Conference on Monday 18 August 2014. The theme of the four-day conference is "Diplomacy and economic development". Some 257 Swiss and foreign-based representatives of Switzerland are discussing the latest issues in foreign and economic policy as well as Switzerland's response to the challenges arising from them.

Federal Vote


The acceptance of the mass immigration initiative by the electorate and cantons on 9 February means the Federal Council is now charged with introducing a new immigration system within three years. The Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons must be renegotiated and adapted to Switzerland's new immigration system. At the same time, the government must hold talks with the European Union regarding existing and potential bilateral negotiations.